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At CrossFit UV our goal is to make your workout the best hour of your day. We strongly believe in the CrossFit mantra of mechanics, consistency and then intensity which simply means that you should develop your technique first (mechanics), become very consistent with your technique and then add intensity.

We pride ourselves on developing a supportive and dedicated community where the only requirement for inclusion is your willingness to learn, work hard and have fun!

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EVERYONE CAN DO CROSSFIT! Beginners, office workers, first responders, computer programmers, mothers, college athletes, tri-athletes and anyone else who wants to see a change in their body and ultimately their lives.

We welcome, encourage and give the average person and the elite athlete alike, the opportunity to do above-average things.

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CrossFit workouts are constantly changing so as to develope health in all areas (strength, stamina, speed, etc.). Constantly varied workouts keep challenging your body and preventing plateaus and boredom!


high intensity

CrossFit is all about pushing your body to its limits in a short amount of time. This means quick workouts that reap tremendous rewards over time. These high intensity workouts help you be able to do more work in less time.


functional movements

CrossFit incorporates functional movements into their workouts to better prepare and help people live their every day lives better. This means what you do and get better at in the gym will help you outside of the gym too!

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