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10 Things That Make A Great Coach

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It’s been a great few days of reflection which usually results in finding ways of holding myself accountable to get even better at what I do and everything that UV does.  

 That’s why I’ve finally decided to finish this article that I started back in August because by putting it out there it helps hold me accountable and ensure that UV is constantly pushing standards higher and higher.


10 Things That Make Great Coaches!

We regularly assume that coaching is helping people improve their technique, programming or knowing the finer details of numerous exercise progressions.

Whilst these things are definitely part of coaching, they are the minimum requirements to be a coach (in fact they don’t even make my list!).

The coach who turns up and puts on a very well taught session is a good coach.  A Great Coach knows that what they do outside of classes is as important, if not more, than what they do whilst coaching.

So what makes a Great Coach?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row el_class=”faq-mid-con”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Here are 10 things that make a Great Coach;


1.  A Great Coach always brings a lot positive energy to the room.

Environment is everything.A coach must, first and foremost, be able to create a welcoming and fun environment where you want to be and want to come back to!

Someone can be the most technical coach in the world but if they can’t make the session fun then very few people are going to get the benefit of their vast knowledge and they’ll probably end up looking for a new career in a few years.

What we do works and if you are consistent with what we ask you do to on the training, sleep and nutrition side you will get the results that you have always dreamed of.  The science is there to back this up.

If we can get you to buy into what we are asking then you will be consistent and get results.  A Great Coach knows this and will put on a performance to get you to enjoy yourself and not only be willing to do what we ask, but look forward to it!

This means that they smile, uses your name and are encouraging to everyone.

They use humour, uplifting music and positive reinforcement to create a fun and motivational environment every time that they coach.  This happens regardless of whether it’s their first or 10th session that day because you deserve our best!


2. A Great Coach is an active and positive participant in the community.

Great coaches know that they are leaders of the community.

A Great Coach takes an active participation in all gym activities such as; gym challenges; bright spot chats; gym socials; and everything else that happens in and around the gym community.

As such it’s imperative that a Great Coach is a positive influence on everything remotely gym related that they do including on social media.

In fact, given that it’s a social media driven age, a Great Coach needs to be active through their own health/fitness related posts, encouraging comments on members posts and is seen to be ‘living the life’ of a fitness professional.


3. A Great Coach pays equal attention to everyone.

As Thomas Carlyle said “A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.”It doesn’t matter whether the gym stud, the hot blonde/brunette/red head or their other half is in the gym; a Great Coach gives equal attention to everyone in their class.

They don’t do this because they ‘have to’, they do this because they want to and everyone deserves the same attention.

A Great coach is as pumped about someone jumping onto a box for the first time as someone qualifying for the CrossFit Games.  This is because they know that, to some people, jumping onto a box is their CrossFit Games qualification.


4. A Great Coach doesn’t criticize, condemn or complain.

A Great Coach doesn’t participate in ‘b*tching sessions’, form ‘cool kids’ cliques or complain about the gym, it’s members or it’s staff.

A Great Coach knows that b*tching only leads to a negative, and potentially toxic, environment which demotivates everyone.

A Great Coach will have many things that they think should be changed about the gym (because they are passionate about everyone doing well!) but will bring those up at team meetings/approach the gym manager.

They will not only say what they think should be changed but have suggestions on how things can be improved and why those changes will benefits the members, the coaches and the gym.

In every interaction, a Great Coach should have a positive effect on how the community and gym is seen by others.


5. A Great Coach takes part in classes as a member.

A Great Coach puts their money where their mouth is and backs the product that they provide!  They jump into a few classes a week to, not only sample the product (which can be invaluable for providing feedback on ways to improve), but to participate in the community and have fun!

A Great Coach knows that members love to see them in class because they they inspire others with their fitness levels, movement quality, attitude and the fact that they have things that they need to work on too.


6. A Great Coach leads by example.

Whether it’s striving to move better through technique, working their weaknesses or diet, a Great Coach does what they ask others to do.


7. A Great Coach is always looking to develop and learn.

Whether it’s watching instructional videos, reading articles/research or attending seminars, a Great Coach is always looking to improve their ability to help others.

These new ideas may go against what they currently believe but they are receptive to learning and challenging their existing beliefs.


 A Great Coach has regular ‘imposter syndrome’ and recognises their weakness’.

Following on from the previous point, a Great Coach will regularly question the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind what they do.

This often leads to eureka moments where, like Jasmin, something happens and it feels like a whole new world.

This usually causes them to have imposter syndrome where they feel like a fraud and think that they’re starting all over again. They’re not, they’re simply evolving and improving their craft.

They recognise where they need to improve and work hard to this every day.

(as I edit this for what feels like the millionth time, I’m thinking about all of the ways that I NEED to improve so I’m having imposter syndrome right now!)


9. A Great Coach looks to educate.

Whether it’s posting an education video on Youtube/ Instagram or explaining the goal of a workout at at the start of a session, a Great Coach will is always looking to help people understand the ‘why’ behind what they are asking you to do and provide ways to help you reach your goals as fast as possible.


10. A Great Coach provides the best hour of your day.

A Great Coach puts all of the above together to provide the best hour of your day every time that you are in the gym.

YOU deserves a Great Coach and that’s why we work hard everyday to constantly raise our standards and become even Greater Coaches.




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