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17.1 is in the books!


17.1 saw dumbbells in The Open for the first time and whilst everyone was speculating that they would be used for everything from the actual use (snatches) to thrusters, box step-ups, lunges and even the hallowed bicep curl – I think that we can all agree that CrossFit Games HQ came up with an absolutely fantastic, albeit very tough, test of fitness.

Here’s a great write up from Beyond the Whiteboard on how the preliminary scores panned out across the world.

Closer to home, we have close to 60 people competing in The Open which is an amazing turnout (almost 100% of members) and comparable to a gym with 3 times our membership.

As you know we are running an in-house team competition alongside The Open with our four teams;

The WODding Crashers – captained by Rachel
PR City – captained by Mark
Amino Disrespect – captained by Hilda
The WOD Godz – captained by Greg

Scoring is simple, men and women are ranked from one to ten and points are awarded accordingly.  A first place male and female receive ten points each and the tenth place male and female receive 1 point each.

There are a further 5 points up for grabs for the Spirit of the WOD and this is voted on by each of the captains and coaches.


Firstly the Spirit of the WOD was deservedly won by Chris (PR City).  He  for all intensive purposes lived in the gym throughout the weekend, was always happy to volunteer to judge, scream encourage or write graffiti on peoples back!Chris embodied everything that is good about The Open and we are lucky to have him, questionable parking and all, at CrossFit UV- well done!


Finishing 17.1 was a very tough task and a massive congratulations goes to Tracy (The WODding Crashers), Kojo (The WOD Godz), Matt P (PR City) and Rav (The WOD Godz) for finishing within a tight 20 minute time cap.Other notable mentions have to go to Warren, Heidy, Hadrian, Megan and Alan who were between 4 and 15 reps of finishing!


In 17.1 the gyms top score went to Tracy (The WODding Crashers) who, alongside Kojo (The WOD Godz), earned their teams a massive ten points each.


Whilst The WODding Crashers and the WOD Godz had the two top places it was the team strength of Amino Disrespect that gave them top spot overall with their ladies holding 5 of the top 10 spots.

The standings after week one are:

1st – 39 points – Amino Disrespect
2nd – 34 points – The WOD Godz
3rd – 22 points – The WODding Crashers
4th – 20 points – PR City


Different Open workouts favour different people and as we saw 17.1 favoured the more endurance focused athletes and the teams scoring definitely reflected this.As The Open processes we’ll see the focus change in each workout and it’ll be very interesting to see how this shakes up the leaderboard particularly when you see some of the athletes that didn’t score points on 17.1.

What will happen to the leaderboard if tonights announcement of 17.2 brings a heavy lift or a gymnastics skills? we wait with baited breath…

Fergus and the team at CrossFit UV
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