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17.2 stands for 2 dumbbells!


17.1 saw dumbbells in The Open for the first time so the last thing we expected was more dumbbells a week later. (three dumbbells in 17.3 anyone?)Last year we saw overhead walking lunges in 16.1 and just when my glutes were getting over them we were hit with dumbbell lunges in 17.2.

16.2 was the fist time we saw bar muscle ups but 2016 was the first year without ring muscle ups, could 2017 be the first year to feature both bar AND ring muscle ups?

Here’s another great write up from Beyond the Whiteboard on how the preliminary scores panned out across the world.


Please remember that The Open workouts should be completed during the 7:30pm class on Thursdays, during one of the Friday or Saturday classes or at 12pm on Sunday (all of which are marked as Open WODs on the calendar).

These sessions are open to everyone therefore, in the interest of giving everyone the same opportunities to complete the workout, we ask people to stick to these slots if possible (to ensure that everyone has the same chance to complete the workout as many times as they want).

If you are unable to make any of these please speak to Fergus directly.


As predicted 17.2 shook up the leaderboard with 78 reps (i.e. the last rep before the muscle ups or pull ups) becoming the score to race towards in search of the best split time.

Some of the biggest movers were;

– Lin (PR City) moved from 21st to 3rd
– Aaron (Amino Disrespect) moved from 14th to 5th
– DY (PR City) moved from 16th to 7th
– Ivy (Amino Disrespect) moved from 18th to 9th
– Jolina (The WOD Godz) moved from 16th to 11th
– Lori (PR City) from 20th to 12th
– Dmitry (The WOD Godz) moved from 30th to 22nd


On the captains side, Hilda responded to losing out to Rachel last week by evening it up at one a piece, it’s all to play for in 17.3!

On the mens side, the freight train that is Greg continued his winning streak – will we see a clean sweep or will Greg crumble under the pressure of PR City’s rise up the table?


In the ‘family feud’ between sisters Surya and Rekha it’s all tied at one a piece.

We’ve three more weeks to crown a winner – remember, there can be only one!


When everyone initially looked at the workout on paper it looked like it would be all about those heavy dumbbells again but it turned out that grip fatigue (through the dumbbell cleans, toes-to-bars and muscle ups/pulls) that was stopping people in their tracks which is a good lesson on remembering to consider how each exercise will effect the next in a workout and plan your rests accordingly.


How should you react if something didn’t go your way?  you’ve two choices;

1) let it spur you on to working hard on developing that skill, and others, or;

2) feel sorry for yourself.

The choice is yours….


17.2 included not one but THREE gymnastic skills in toes-to-bar, bar muscle ups and pull ups.

it was inspiring to see Bryan get his first pull up, Mel Lee & Spencer get their first toes-to-bar and Megan & Aaron get their first muscle ups this weekend.

Will you be the next person to get a first during the Open?


Speaking of skills, what did 16.4 and 15.4 have in common?  Handstand push-ups (HSPU).

We’re don’t know if HSPU’s are coming up but we know that we’ll be working on them during Thursdays classes.

Double unders have also been ominous in their absence.

the Spirit of the WOD for 17.2 was very deservedly won by Natalie (Amino Disrespect).Not only does Natalie have great shoes but she was a ball of encouraging energy all weekend.  Whether it was judging or shouting at the top of her lungs (I heard ‘you go girl’ way too many times!) she was amazing at keeping people smiling and motivated.

When we vote for the award each one of us picked Natalie which shows the kind of impression that she’s made.

Her positivity was infectious and it was amazing to have here ALL weekend.

ps she’s coming for that bar muscle up soon!


Getting a muscle up during 17.2 was the stopping point for most people and a massive congratulations goes to Kojo (The WOD Godz), Matt P (PR City), Rav (The WOD Godz), Lin (PR City), Ron (The WODding Crashers) and Aaron (Amino Disrespect) who all managed to get at least one muscle up in the time cap.

A special mention has to go to Megan for being the FIRST LADY at CrossFit UV to get a muscle-up, which she did a few minutes after finishing.

Another notable mention has to go to Felix for being agonisingly close!


In 17.2 the gyms top score went to Kojo (The WOD Godz) who, alongside, Heidy (The WOD Godz) earned their teams a massive ten points each.


Whilst The WOD Godz had the two top places it was again the team strength of Amino Disrespect who had 9 top ten finishes across both categories that kept them at top spot overall.

PR City seem to be awaking from their carb coma and are starting to make their move with 5 top ten finishes.

The standings after week two are:

1st – 84 points – Amino Disrespect
2nd – 61 points – The WOD God
3rd – 45 points – PR City (up from 4th last week)
4th – 40 points – The WODding Crashers

As we saw, depending on the workout their can be a massive change with who’s in the top ten positions so a heavy barbell could change everything.


As discussed last week, different Open workouts favour different people and as we saw 17.2 favoured the more gymnastic focused athletes and, again, the teams scoring definitely reflected this.

17.1 was endurance
17.2 was gymnastic
17.3 will be…?

We can only speculate as to what will happen to the leaderboard if tomorrow’s announcement of 17.3 brings a heavy barbell, as always, we wait with baited breath…

Fergus and the team at CrossFit UV
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