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December 2018 Newsletter

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Hello you awesome people!

December #UVWrapUp

Well hello there snow! oh, no, no you’ve gone again!! but my spidey-sense tells me that you’ll be back before too long.

It’s been a great few weeks in the UV world;

We’ve see Amy & Mateo’s year in Canada come to and end; they’ll be missed but we’re sure that they’ll be very successful back in Australia!

Their departure has paved the way for Meg & Rav to step up and more than fill that void with their own brand of awesomeness!  They’ve both already become fantastic coaches (much faster than expected) and we’re very excited about their potential!

In the future we’ll add to the coaching team, but only when the right person becomes available because, after all, only the best is good enough for UV.

The Halloween party was a big success and combining it with a Games Night and copious amounts of pizza turned out to be an inspired decision!

We got some awesome new UV swag for both the members and the coaches (coaches need to look sexy too you know!).

Coach Fergus used the word swag for the first time, he’s still not sure exactly what it means but he was quite happy with how hip and with it that it made him sound.

UV Bingo ended with over 20 prizes given out across competition and at our awards.

We’ve started getting a lot more active on our Youtube channel, our Instagramand have even started doing podcasts under UVFIT – Check us out and look out for members interviews coming soon!

We also added a bunch of extra classes to the timetable which look like they’re here to stay.

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Upcoming in December

It’s a big week in UV!

We’ve got our SOLD OUT Christmas Party on Saturday.  For the second year running UV was delighted to contribute over $1,000 towards the festivities!

Because it’s our goal to have a drink with each and every one of you on Saturday night (we’re nice like that), Sunday’s first class will be at 11am to allow for proper recovery.

Before that though, we’ll be starting this Saturday with a fun in-house competition from 10am-2pm.

Our Christmas timetable is out and whilst we have a few more plans for Christmas week and some other announcements to make but we’ll keep those ‘under wraps’ (see what I did there) until next week.

The team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

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Member of the Month


A lunchtime class wouldn’t be complete without a dose of her fantastic dry humour!

Kavitha may not be as crazy as some of her lunch time colleagues but that’s not to say that she doesn’t do wonders for the environment.

Kavitha started her fitness journey in November 2017 and has steadily improved since then.

She has been particularly impressive over the last few weeks where we’ve seen her challenge herself to do workouts at harder scales and it’s clear to the whole coaching team that she’s working very hard to push herself to the next level!

In summary, keep the coaches on their toes by adding some sarcasm to your day, challenge yourself to do things that you previously thought that you couldn’t and be more Kavitha!

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Nick will be in contact to organise a complimentary personal training session.

PS we’re glad that you didn’t follow through with your threat to leave your kids at Disney Land if they acted up!

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Level Up! 

(if you’re humming the Mario Brother theme song then you’re childhood was awesome!)

The Level Method is the world’s most advanced and accurate fitness-based level system and was designed to systematically progress and rank athletes from beginner to elite – delivering tangible, achievable and incremental goals in the process. It offers incredible insight and value to both the athlete and the coach.

To have a Level validated you must perform in a class, personal training session or have it witnessed by a coach.

Did you know that Jaime was the first member of UV to get an overall level?

Other recent levels are:

Jaime – Yellow 3
Kojo – Blue 3
Tracy – Blue

The UV avatar, which is the average level at UV, is Orange 3.

The saying ‘a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link’ runs very true in fitness. As athletes, we can use the Level Method to see where we can improve upon our weakest areas. As coaches we can tailor your training towards improving YOUR individual needs.  Finally from an overall gym perspective the Level Method allows us to ensure that we are focusing on all areas of fitness equally to ensure the best possible results for YOU!

Since we’ve adopted the Level Method we’ve been very impressed with how it has help people focused on achieving smaller goals and with that in mind we are fully focused to Level Up UV in 2019!

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November PR Board 

Every PR counts! Some of us may make achieve personal best more regularly than others but that’s not important because everyone develops at their own pace.  What’s important is that we are continuing to achieve them at we continue to make incremental steps towards achieving our overall goals!

remember to put up your big and little wins!

Why do we celebrate your firsts and personal bests?

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when we look back everything is different.” – C.S Lewis

Let us celebrate with you!

A few highlights were:

Niki – lifted everything!
Kirsten – 100lb Front Squat
Ron – ‘Finally’ a 150lb Snatch (it’s now 155)
Mr T (Tobias to his friends) – 145 C&J
Coach Fergus – 4:39 Diane
Coach Nick – 285 Power Clean
Char – Orange 3 on her squat!

Sean & Kojo did lots of stuff but are working on saving the environment with very small writing so we’ll never know what they did.

Jolina, Jessie, Raven, Jackie and Albert all got stronger and have nailed colour co-ordination!

The takeaway from this is that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE. What you do, or don’t do, decides on the outcome. So let’s keep showing up, putting in that consistent effort because we are in it for the long-term.

If you read something that impressed you, make an effort to give that person a fist bump.

We want you to share in each other’s successes.


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Social Corner

With our SOLD OUT (!!) Christmas Party just a few days it’s great to have a look back at some of the fantastic socials we’ve had in 2018;

– dodgeball trampolining
– games nights
– a movie night at the gym
– a movie nights at the cinema
– lots of post Friday Night Fitness Feasts (try to say that 10 time fast!)
– our amazing Family Day at Green Acres
– lots of BBQ’s
– even more impromptu mini socials

The latest was our Halloween Costume Party which we tied in with another fantastic games nights where we also got a chance to bid farewell to Amy & Mateo.

Ahead of the Christmas Party we’re going to be hosting what we hope will become our annual Christmas Throwdown from 10am-2pm this Saturday.

Like all of our competitions this will be a fun day where you can get to hang out with lots of awesome people and enjoy your fitness!

It promises to be a day filled with sweat, music, laughter and cheering!

We’re trying a pairs comp (female/male) but don’t worry if you haven’t found a partner, simply register and we can sort out the rest for you.

You can book your spot on Zen Planner and also check out the Facebook Event Page here.

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November Gains Club!

You work very hard in the gym to get the results that you deserve so we want to put you up in lights and give you credit for your hard work!


Micol – 49
Kojo -37
Rachel – 23
Sean – 22
Megan – 21
Ying – 20
Nat – 20
Hilda – 20


We’ve set the criteria at 20 sessions across classes, personal training, courses and open gym.

To ensure that all of your sessions get included make sure that you’re signing into every session using the iPad at the front of the gym.

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Christmas Timetable

Holy Snowballs!

It’s that time of the year again, it’s Christmas time!!!!!!!!!

Our Christmas timetable will be as follows:

Christmas Eve (Monday 24th); Classes at 10am & 11am. Open gym from 10am – 1pm.

Christmas Day (Tuesday 25th); Our annual Christmas Day WOD at 10am – bring family and friends for an hour of sweaty fun!

Stephens Day (Wednesday 26th); Classes at 10am & 11am. Open gym from 10am- 1pm.

Thursday 27th & Friday 28th; No 5:30am or 7:30pm classes.

New Years Eve (Monday 31st); Classes at 10am & 11am. Open gym from 10am – 1pm.

New Years Day – our annual New Years Day Workout at 12pm!

Our classes are capped at 10 to ensure that you get as much attention as possible so please make sure that you’re booking before classes to reverse your spot.


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We finished our UV Bingo a few weeks ago and are delighted to say that it was a roaring success!

It was great to see so many people getting involved and getting #UVFit

We gave out 20 prizes in total between the final prizes and along the way so by the end of it we felt like Oprah! (you get a prize, and you get a prize…)

The goal was to get more people trying new classes, getting fitness outside of the gym and getting to know more of the awesome community and we are delighted that it was a fantastic success!

We can’t wait to take what we learned from this year and make 2019’s UV Bingo even better!

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Handstand of the Month!

Well done to Leanna on getting her first handstand; her reaction says it all!

After working on the skill for a long time it was great to see the hard work paying off.

You can check out the video on her insta page.

Well done Leanna, as coach Nick likes to say, hard work pays off!

Don’t forget to tag us @crossfituv on instagram and #UVHandstandoftheMonth

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CrossFit UV Swag 

Guaranteed to make you 60% more attractive!

Hoodies are also in the HOUSE!
Perfect time for this cooler weather.

You can purchase the UV swag here!

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Attitude is Everything!

Act the way you want your training partners to act.

Display the energy and attitude you want to see in the gym and you will change the atmosphere into what you want.

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Outfit of the Month

We couldn’t resist showing off how awesome the new shirts are!

If you’d like to go ‘gansta”, trying rocking the one knee sleeve as modelled by Hilda!

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CrossFit UV Members Facebook Group 
This is a message for all of you awesome people that are yet to get involved with us on Facebook.  We have a private group called CrossFit UV Members where you can keep up to date on the latest goings on at the gym including programming, competitions and socials.

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