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January's Member Of the Month – Daniel!

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January’s Member Of the Month – Daniel!

Daniel is a force to be reckoned with – his cheeky personality in the gym, hilarious jokes and ‘love’ for cardio makes everyone who crosses his path in the gym smile from ear to ear.

Daniel has become a 7:30pm regular.  Over the past 6 months Daniel has been incredibly committed to his overall health journey. When asked why he made a big change, he states that it’s for his kids, and that he recognizes how important it is to set a good example for them when it comes to being active and eating right to fuel your body.

His health and fitness journey kicked off with a serious look at his nutrition habits and activity levels. Daniel made significant changes to his diet and introduced CrossFit UV into his weekly regime.

In the gym Daniel is dedicated to his personal fitness, consistently seeks to improve his form and move with excellence. His humour, dedication and virtuosity have made Daniel an absolute pleasure to coach and watch grow in the gym. Recently Daniel got his first double under!

In Summary, bring our sense of humour to the gym,  fall in ‘love’ with cardio, have a purpose, focus on it and be more Daniel!

Thank you for being an incredible part of the UV Community Daniel – congratulations on being our member of the month

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The team at CrossFit UV
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ps Coach Nick will be in contact with you when he gets back from Australia to organise your prize, a free personal training session!

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