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July Newsletter

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July Newsletter

Hello you awesome people!

June #UVWrapUp

Officially half way through another year, time flies when you’re having fun and getting gains!

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different? – C.S Lewis

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge what an awesome first half of 2018 we’ve had and how excited we are for the next. Our gym family has grown and changed so much in that time. Every day we see you in the gym making progress and working on bettering yourselves.

There have even been a few goals checked off the new goals board! This beautiful glass board is a new addition hanging in the back room. You can add a short term (6-12 weeks), a medium (6-12 months) and a long term goal (1-5 years).

Writing down tangible goals is a great visual tool that reminds you of your WHY and keeps us all accountable. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out and try sparking up a conversation with a fellow member about their goals and journey. Being surrounded by a community of like-minded people in pursuit of crushing their goals creates a contagiously inspiring atmosphere and we are loving it! Our community at UV is great at lifting each other up, figuratively and literally to achieve great things.

For our UV Social this past month we had yet another awesome UV Games Night kicked off by the UV Beer Mile 2.0. The community vibes were strong. A turn out of around 40 people shared their Friday Night with UV friends old and new. There is a new UV Beer Mile champion and many honorable mentions.

Our UV run crew also crushed their running goals at the 10K race. For a few members it was their first official 10K and many members ran a PR time!

Our member of the month for June was one of these people.

We also had another member make running even tougher by adding obstacles. She showcased her strength and grit and completed a Spartan Race!

Read more below.


July has started off with a BANG!

We hope you all had a relaxing Canada Day long weekend celebrating Canada’s birthday. We had our TeamWOD Saturday and Sweaty Sunday sessions and eyes were on instagram for members getting out in the warm weather and hitting a long distance run.

Did you know, CrossFit UV turns two this month too? In it’s almost 2 years being open, this Monday was the first day that CrossFit UV has ever been closed!?

There was one other pretty big reason to celebrate this weekend…

Fergus and Jolina got married! 

A massive congratulations to Mr & Mrs Lally (AKA Mr & Mrs UV).
It was a beautiful celebration filled with love, happiness, laughter and dancing. One of their readings was, “why love is like owning a dog” and their cake had a very fitting fit couple on top of a pile of donuts. We expected nothing less from the power couple and the day was nothing short of amazing.

This month the celebrations will continue with CrossFit UV’s second birthday. We have a two part celebration planned. 

Part one:

Woodbine Beach Party!
Sunday July 22nd.
Sweaty Sundays will run as usual then we will head to Woodbine Beach.
This is a combined farewell for a bunch of our awesome members who are sadly parting ways with UV as they are moving out of the area/country! We are heartbroken to be losing them but are excited for their new adventures.

Part Two:
Our big official birthday bash
Camp Green Acres!
Sunday August 12th

Block those diaries out it is going to be a big day of activities.
The lovely Lori has kindly organised the use of Camp Green Acres again.
We are planning a mini competition, all of the food and all of the outdoor fun. We need to get an idea on numbers asap so please RSVP to the event in the Facebook Members group.

Now that it is heating up and the summer parties have begun it’s easy to relax and skip some workouts. At UV we believe in working in your workouts. Trust Fergus and a bunch of the wedding guests too lead the way by working out the morning of and morning after the big day, proving that there’s always time to get some fitness!

Don’t forget to plan out your week in advance, set yourself time in these social months to get those sessions in and treat it like any other appointment. Why not make a social occassion out of your sessions and rope a friend in to make it a date.

Once you’re there…

Gains? Guaranteed.
Sweaty workouts? Sure thing!
BBQ and beers? You betcha!
Socials? So many.
A buzzing atmosphere? Always.

UV is the place to be.

Read the juicy goss to keep in the know, below!

The team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

Gymnastics Course #UVWrapUp

The gymnastics course is done and dusted! Dmitry, Ally and Jessie had a lot of fun and learned all the basic shapes and skills of gymnastics!

They were able to sharpen their current skills and more importantly learn new ones. Dmitry improved his handstands, handstand pushups and even achieved his first strict muscle up!! Jessie and Ally, came in with expectations of improving their pull-ups and handstand pushups. At first they had trouble getting in the most optimal positions and the baseline strength. After 6 weeks of practise we were able to improve their pike pushups and become comfortable with their pull-ups.
They should be super proud of what they have accomplished with just a little bit of time and effort.

Words from Dmitry;

What results did you get from joining the gymnastics course?
Became more comfortable with hollow/arch positions, learned how to engage the right muscles in a multitude of gymnastics movements, and most importantly learned how to skin the cat.
Oh, and done a muscle-up or two. So there is that…

What did you like most about the course?
I loved how we went outside of the standard “crossfit gymnastics” and flirted around with things like front and back levers!
Loved how it exposed weaknesses in my body that I wasn’t aware about.
Loved seeing my results transition nicely into regular crossfit WODs.
Loved the energy, passion and excitement with which Nick was teaching the course (I knew Nick was an amazing coach, so there were no surprises there).

What was your main concern that would have prevented you from buying this, and what put your fears to rest?
There wasn’t a major concern per se, just the timing for the course was not ideal. It was originally scheduled for Saturdays, which didn’t work for me at all, but then it got rescheduled to 6:30 on Tuesdays. Was still less then ideal but ended up being worth it 200%

Why would you recommend this to another person who might be on the fence about joining?
The value that you’ll get from the course is ridiculous! If you’re new to Crossfit it will walk you through the correct movement patterns and set you off on the right path so that you won’t have to re-learn/correct your bad form later (which is much harder than learning the right way from the beginning). If you’re a seasoned athlete Nick will help you optimize your form, make you’re movements more efficient and overall will bring your gymnastics game to the new level!

Want to find out more about how you can get in on the action for next time?

Ask a coach about registering your interest for the next course.

The Level Method Update

We have a lot of new members who may have missed what this rainbow poster is all about.

Throughout the past few months we have worked through the initial testing for The Level Method.  This is our grading method that helps us assess our fitness as a whole and identify strengths and weaknesses. Understanding it is the first step in embracing the method as a tool for long-term success. Now that we have put in some initial scores, it’s only up from here!

General levels are only given when all information is entered so get testing. Find out more about when and how to do that below.
Our initial phase of testing is officially complete and we are back to getting all of the gains in our StrongFit classes on Thursday.

We are yet to have any members complete all their levels so if you missed any tests please utilise the Saturday 11am timeslot and/or speak to a coach.

The way you receive an overall Level certificate is by Leveling up your overall colour (it takes the average of your colours excluding your two lower outliers) and/or leveling up your weakest category.

This is the part we are most excited to see!
Progress is progress.

The information we gather overtime is priceless for your own personal progress so please;

Keep logging and submitting your levels at

gym code is “uv”

The next step in this process is for us to help you analyse and come up with an action plan to get you to the next Level.

We will be bringing back the testing periodically and some test markers will be tested in classes throughout the year.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Member of the Month


You may recognise him in his favourite red outfit.
Fitting colours for the UV colour scheme!

Winston has been a part of the UV Community since August last year. Having come from a competitive hockey background Winston has a great team mentality and work ethic. Through this athletic background he has a competitive streak and is forever giving his best in any workout.

Outside of classes has been working with Mateo in one on one personal training sessions to attack his weaknesses. His hard earned strength was somewhat limited by his mobility restrictions so they focused their sessions on perfecting his technique and improving his overhead mobility in particular.

Naturally, The Open was the perfect opportunity for him to push himself and put himself and the personalised tips he gained to the test. In the Open, he showcased his hard work on his flexibility, mobility and strength and tackled his personal weaknesses such as the overhead squat and muscle up.

During the workouts he performed close to his one rep max overhead squats for reps! He also achieved his first muscle up just after the clock ended! Winston has been working hard on them and now busts out muscle ups no problem during a workout as shown in the above photo.

Since the Open Winston has also been working on improving his fitness and is often the instigator of a post-WOD mile “jog” which often turns into the entire class going for a fast paced run trying to keep up. You will also see him in the Thursday 430pm Sweat class to work on his conditioning.

He tested his running endurance in the Lululemon Waterfront 10K earlier this month and came in at 44:22.

Notably, he has also lost 20lbs through focussing on eating better especially on weekends and dramatically improved his body composition, mobility, flexibility and fitness in general.

In particular, this transferred into his gymnastics skills and bodyweight movements such as the Handstand Push-Ups and all types of rig work.

In summary, be more “Winston” by embracing your natural competitiveness against yourself. Set yourself up to win by asking for personal advice and addressing the obstacles that hold you back from your full potential – even if that means taking a step back to take a step forward!

Mateo will be in contact to organise a complimentary personal training session.

Outfits of the Month 
Mr & Mrs UVCongratulations to Fergus and Jolina on your wedding!
Jolina looks amazing every day even in the sweatiest workouts so seeing her all dolled up was incredible.
Fergus looked mighty dapper too and together their smiles say it all.

Outfits of the Month
Runners Up 
The UV crew scrubs up alright too and gets an honorable mention.

Check out the gorgeous gentlemen and the lovely ladies below.

Handstand of the Month!

We want you to celebrate your fitness by doing fun stuff so what’s more CrossFit than taking handstand pictures EVERYWHERE!

Here is baby Hilda performing what we like to call a table stand.


Don’t forget to tag us @crossfituv on instagram and #UVHandstandoftheMonth

June Gains Club!

You work very hard in the gym to get the results that you deserve so we want to put you up in lights and give you credit for your hard work!


Micol – 50
Adam – 39
Kojo – 31
Nat – 21
Hilda – 21
Allie – 20


We’ve set the criteria at 20 sessions across classes, personal training, courses and open gym.

Ps. to ensure that all of your sessions get included make sure that you’re signing into every session using the iPad at the front of the gym.

This is not just about getting into the gains club but also to ensure fair access to the gym and cover for liability reasons.

CrossFit UV Swag 

Whats new? We have some exciting new summer apparel in the pipeline for July but in the meantime….

Get snapped by the papps in our new UV Socks!

Slip on our socks and be reminded on the daily to be #UVStrong.


PS: Hoodies are (still) in the HOUSE!

You can purchase the UV hoodies here!

Available in navy but we only have limited stock available so get in ASAP.

June PR Board 

June has been a seriously sweaty month with some big barbell lifts and a few benchmarks WODs

Some highlights were:

James – 1st Strict Muscle up
Fergus – Marriage
Ally – Backsquat 140#
Coach Nick – Bench 205#
Lex – 1st Toes to Bar
Micol – Deadlift 300#
Nat – Backsquat 195#
Leanne – 3 linked pull ups
Meg – Backsquat 185#
Imraz – 1st TTB
David and Clayton – Backsquat 225#
Richard – 1st Handstand
Sean – Deadlift 345#
Hilda – 14:41 DT
Bernard – Backsquat 255#
Mateo – 1st Beer Mile
Leanna – 1st female beer mile
Kojo – 5:30 Annie

Fist bumps to everybody for your hard work – keep up the hard work and continue to use The Level Method for testing. For the majority of us it was a major eye opener to collect data on the different aspects of fitness and health that may not be living up to our potential.

The takeaway from this is that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE. What you do, or don’t do, decides on the outcome. So let’s keep showing up, putting in that consistent effort because we are in it for the long-term.

If you read something that impressed you, make an effort to fist bump that person next time you see them too. We want you to share in each other’s successes.

Social Corner

Beer Mile* & Games Night

Games night was a hit! The night kicked off with a Beer Mile.
There were puppies, games and pizza a plenty.

In case you missed some of the highlights;

“Congratulations to James for copping the beer mile penalty, first lap, yet taking home the “provincials because it’s the only Beer Mile happening right now in this area.. probably” win.

A special mention goes out to;

Justin AKA The Jooooos. He accomplished what he set out to achieve and more; to “not throw up and survive… also to beat Kojo”. He is our runner up with a stellar performance.

Reigning champion, the OG Beer Mile champ, creator of the Beer Mile belt Mike. He showed up with grit and determination and a badass entrance song. A valiant effort and admirable performance by the defending champion.

Kojo for his blistering finish line pace albeit a little preemptive of the finish line and also Best Dressed.

Coach Mateo for a late registration, a slow start yet a steady performance throughout and following up with a handstand walk win.

Fergus for hosting the event and providing the beer. He lent a drinking hand to a fellow competitor and turned the race into a Team WOD by catching a lift up the hill in Jolina’s car.

David for the laughs, sportsmanship and Best Hair of course.

Bernard for his mid-run dabbing and community spirit.

Greg for scaling and cheering others after finishing in a super speedy time. Also for being our official Beer Mile aficionado and ensuring everyone got home safely.

Our one and only brave soul Leanna representing the females with a strong presence and all of the giggles.

Last but not least, our UV Community for cheering and providing moral support.

** Please drink and run responsibly”

Thanks again for coming!

You can see the photos from the event on our Instagram stories and an album will be uploaded shortly in the Facebook group.

If you have any social ideas just let us know.

Save the Date #1!

This is our annual summer party!! The social of the year, one not to be missed. In celebration of CrossFit UV turning two, a reason to get out in the sunshine and hang in the pool and for all the activites.

Last year we had a BBQ, a water balloon fight, visited the (non-CrossFit) animals (the rabbits were so cute!), had a tractor ride, played water polo, volleyball, soccer, spike ball and everything else you can think of!

We plan for this yeah to be even bigger and better.

We want to combine the Family Day and UV’s second birthday (they grow up so fast) together and turn the day into a competition too! This means that we’ll be exploring some of gazillion other activities at Green Acres too…

Sunday August 12th
Where: Camp Green Acres
Who: Family and friends welcome but please let us know of any extras.
(no dogs sorry *heartbroken*)

Please save the date in your calendars RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

Save the Date #2!

Sunday July 22nd we are going on an adventure and saying some sad farewells!

After Sweaty Sunday session we are heading to The Beach. Bring any shade, snacks and swimmers for some fun in the sun.
There are volleyball nets set up and we will be bringing SpikeBall (there is word of a tournament) and frisbees etc.

All welcome.

This is an opportunity for us to farewell some core members of our UV Crew who are off on other adventures, some near and some very very far.

Say goodbye to Rita, Alex and Greg and Taylor.

Please save the date in your calendars and RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

This is Sparta!

A big congratulations to Sabrina on completing a super badass Spartan race!

We love seeing you out and about putting your hard earned fitness to the test.

Lululemon 10K
On June 16th we had a handful of UV Community members who ran an impressive 10 kilometres at the Lululemon 10K event.We wanted to give the below members a special shout out for their efforts;

– Leanna
– Kojo
– Mike
– Nat
– Meg
– Lex
– Winston
– Coach Amy

Fist bumps all round for the these athletes efforts.

Coming soon…Last but certainly not least, we have a challenge for you!

Starting mid-July and running until the end of August we will have Bingo cards on the Community Board.

The idea of bingo is to be a fun and interactive challenge with the theme of #UVCommunity and being #UVStrong.

Enroll each other to be one of the first 3 to hit BINGO to win a prize including some supplements, merch and other goodies.

Besides bragging rights, for anyone to finish the entire card we will be also be rewarding you for your efforts with a secret surprise prize.

Keep your eyes on the Community board and Facebook group over the next few weeks.

CrossFit UV Members Facebook Group 
This is a message for all of you awesome people that are yet to get involved with us on Facebook.  We have a private group called CrossFit UV Members where you can keep up to date on the latest goings on at the gym including programming, competitions and socials.Join Now!



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