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July Newsletter

Hello you awesome people!

I can’t believe that its’s been one year already since we open our doors and started helping everyone to get ‘All of the Fitness’.

From our first members, Rav & Hadrian to our latest member Raph, and all you in between, a big thank you for making CrossFit UV such a wonderful place.

We’ve got a great few weeks ahead with our CrossFit UV Family Day at the awesome Green Acres next Sunday (30th of July), the CrossFit Games fast approaching, an in-house competition in August, a Labour Day BBQ, a fantastic guest coach, Weekday 10am classes and a new coach starting in September.

Fergus and the team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

Member of the month – Hadrian

Our (joint) first member who spends most of his time caught in a love triangle between Tiff and Rav!He may be the slowest walker on the planet and he’d moan about anything, however, behind that he’s one of the kindest men you’ll meet.

Hadrian plays about an hour of badminton 5 days a week before coming to the lunchtime class so it’s safe to say that he’s definitely not afraid of hard work.

Over the last year he’s been improving steadily, putting on lots of muscle and loosing fat however in the last month he’s really kicked on with a 200lbs snatch, a 272lbs clean and a 2:48 Isabel (30 snatches at 135lbs). His 272lbs clean made him the first member to out-lift a coach on an olympic lift (my PB is 271 so I made him lift the 272) and his 2:28 Isabel also makes him the first member to beat a coach on a benchmark WOD (again, faster than my time).

You’d expect that a man of his frame would take to weightlifting quickly (be warned, he’s only getting started!) however it’s his commitment to gymnastics that has really caught the eye which is why it was no surprise he got his first muscle up two weeks ago.

In summary, we should all take a leaf out of Hadrian’s book and spend as much time working our weaknesses as we do our strengths.

Be More Hadrian!

Guest Coach!

The lovely Fern Carver will be guest coaching at CrossFit UV in August.

Fern was one of the first members of Second City CrossFit at our original location (which was about the size of the smaller room at UV),  She then went on to become a training partner and coach.

Not only has she a wealth of coaching experience across the UK, Norway and Dubai (where she is currently based) but she is also a fantastic athlete who finished 34th at the very competitive Meridian Regional a few weeks ago.

Here’s her, with bright red hair, winning her heat in WOD 6 in lane 2 (skip to 40 minutes).

For those of you who like stats here’s some of her scores:

Clean and jerk 220
Snatch 175
Back squat 305
Front 260
deadlift 360
Bench 185
5km row 20.52 mins
50 hspu 2.52mins
50 c2b 2.43 mins
Grace 1.48 mins
Helen 8.52mins

We can’t wait to have here hanging out at UV

Ps to stalk her online go here.

Social Corner

The CrossFit UV Family Day is this Sunday, 30th of July, at the amazing Green Acres Camp. We’ll kick off at 10am with some games, followed by a trip to the swimming pool, then a BBQ (bring your own meat) before meeting some of the animals (the four legged kind, as apposed to the ones we build in the gym).

Please feel free to bring kids and lots of family members as we really want this day to be about the wider CrossFit UV family.

It promises to be a great day, to confirm your attendance go here.


Our Labour Day BBQ (Monday September 5th) will kick off with a WOD at 10am as usual.  Wearing white is encouraged on the day (but obviously not after Labour Day).

We’ll kick off with a WOD at 10am and get the food going from 11am.

You’ll also get to meet (meat!?!) your new coach on the day…

It’s BYOG (bring your own gains) so please feel free to bring meat, dogs, babies and adults (in that order) and we’ll have a great day!

If you have any social ideas just let us know.

UV Nutrition 

Getting started with UV Nutrition is as simple as downloading myfitnesspal on your phone and logging your food for one week.

You’ll then send us a few screen dumps and off we go!

We set your overall calorie and macros goals (carbs, fat and protein) to take the guessing out of it for you.

Depending on your goals or upcoming events (holidays, weddings, birthdays, reunions etc) we’ll adjust your calories and macros as needed on a weekly basis.

Sign up here to calorie setting or if you’d like to do a 1-2-1 consultation with our Registered Dietician, Gigi, mail hello@crossfituv.ca for more info.

Head over to the UVnutrition.fit and keep a regular eye on the UV Nutrition Instagram for regular nutrition tips and recipes.

Supplements Corner

We’ve started putting in a order of 5 Star Formula, the amazing pre and post workout carb Vitargo and the highly addictive FitAID on a monthly basis. If you want any of the products or want to find out more information let us know.

The next order will be put in on Friday the 29th July and if you haven’t tried the key lime pie you’re missing out on happiness!

CrossFit UV members also get a 25% discount with CrossFuel by simply using code ‘CrossFitUV25’ when you order online.

Finally, we stock the excellent Blonyx HMB and Creatine – see benefits here.

If there are any other supplements you’d like us to look at please let us know.

Handstand of the month

We want you to celebrate your fitness by doing fun stuff so what’s more CrossFit than taking handstand pictures EVERYWHERE!We want to celebrate how amazing you are so get taking pics of awesome handstands!

In the meantime checkout RX Boss Ladies doing handstand walks

If you take a handstand picture just post it in the members group or tag @crossfituv on social media.

PR Board 

The June PR board was full of awesomeness!

some notable scores were:

Janice – first pistol!
Sabrina’s – first rope climb!
Spencer – first rope climb!

Tiff – snatch 61.5lbs
Taylor – clean – 127lbs
Hilda – half of the whiteboard
Coach Nick – 295 C&J
Dee – snatch 50lbs
Nat – first lady at the gym to flip the 350lbs tyre!
Greg’s old 180lbs power clean (he’s since beat it several times #Phrasing)
Tracy – squat 265lbs

finally, Mark – 1st muscle up AND it was in front of his brother!!

Social Media

As you know we’re started to use Instagram stories for our CrossFit UV Instagram page.

Keep checking it regularly for pictures of you and if you find any that you like you can download them here.

Speaking of social Media, it’s definitely worth following RX’d Boss Ladies, you might even see some faces that you recognise.

Goal setting sessions

we want you know what your goals are and we want you to reach them!

It only takes 20/30 minutes and allow us to know what you’re working towards so that we can do everything we can to help you get there.

to book a 30 min you a goal setting session go here.

We’d like to review these with you quarterly.

Outfit of the month

We love team WOD at UV and, whilst we expected that Brandon’s cheese hat would win for sheer randomness, he was pipped-at-the-post by Nenad & Tracy turning up in matching outfits.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not it was planned…

CrossFit UV Swag

We have CrossFit UV shirts, perfect for the summer tank tops and wrist wraps in stock.

There’s only a few left but we’ll be getting more in soon.

We’re nearly there with regards to looking at new brands and we’ll be announcing something in August.

If  you’re looking for anything, ask!

Competition Corner

The CrossFit Games will be upon us in under two weeks!

To find the best way to view the Games go here.

The Games will inspire us all to compete so what better time to have another in-house competition than a few weeks later on Saturday 26th of August!

More info will follow closer to the date.

Personal Training 
To book your personal training sessions with Nick go here (and scroll down to personal training).
Coming September…

You’ll get the chance to meet our newest coach at the Labour Day BBQ on Monday September 5th.

We’ll reveal more details about this previous Regional Athlete in the August newsletter.


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