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May Newsletter

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Hello you awesome people!

March & April #UVWrapUp

With the excitement of The Open it’s been a busy couple of months!

Read below for just SOME of our favourite highlights, acknowledgement of our Spirit of The Open awardee, the official results of our in-house competition and a bunch of fun facts and stats about our performance as a gym each week.

Our social for April was a screening of The Redeemed and the Dominant movie at the gym and awards night on April 6th to wrap up The CrossFit Open. It was a celebration of the hard work everybody put in to make The Open such a great event. Thanks everybody for coming and for all of the delicious snacks!

Following The Open we have been rolling out The Level Method.  Most members will have experienced this by now as we are in the midst of the initial testing phase. It’s also pretty hard to have missed the big, bright, 8×4 poster (or “one Amy high by two Amy’s wide”) hanging in the back room. This is our new grading method that helps us assess our fitness as a whole and identify strengths and weaknesses. Understanding it is the first step in embracing the method as a tool for long-term success. Read more about why you should be excited to identify your weaknesses and how this system can benefit you below.

April’s Member of the Month knows all about these gains. This person embodies the type of growth attitude that we love to see in a “coachable” athlete. Find out who they are so you can say congrats below…


Welcome to May

The tease of Spring has brought glimpses of sunlight under the cracked open UV roller-door. A test drive of the BBQ and some gallops down to Crispin Street… then a trudge back up the hill left us with a taste of the sunshine. However short-lived, between the turbulent winds, rain, freezing rain, and ice storms, we are now sure Summer is coming and it will be the best one yet with our UV Community.

Important dates to be saved for our UV community social events are THIS SATURDAY and Saturday May 26th at 6pm as voted by you on the Facebook members group. Make sure to register your interest and book yourself in to these events through Facebook or via the Community Board.

Speaking of which, this is your friendly reminder to make May your most checked in month! Find out how many times our members have been hitting the gym in our “gains club” section.

Fun facts aside, it is extremely important for everybody to be reserving their classes ahead of time using ZenPlanner and getting to the class with enough time to check in on the iPad at the front door.

The quest for working on the “summer bod” means higher demand for classes. We have set our class cap low to benefit YOU so please be respectful to yourself, other members and your coaches by reserving ahead using ZenPlanner.

Once you’re there…

Gains? Guaranteed.
Sweaty workouts? Sure thing!
BBQ and beers? You betcha!
Socials? So many.
A buzzing atmosphere? Always.

UV is the place to be.

Read the juicy goss to keep in the know, below!

The team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

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18. 1
Week of the chocolate covered strawberries by Nathalie.

18.1 was a spicy triplet that incorporated toes to bar, dumbbell clean & jerks and the rower.

Personal records for this week:

Dee, Andrea & Jolina: 35lb over head
Mike – first time putting 50lbs overhead
Jessie – first RX’d workout and being a badass
Jackie Sankey – first toes to bar

Shoutout to Spirit of 18.1 winner Imraz who only just started with us at UV a few days before signing up to participate. His attitude and supportive nature cheering people on was a highlight of the week. Go Imraz!

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18. 2
Week of the pink and blue macaroons by Nathalie.

Many personal bests that deserve recognition. The best part about these personal records is that they were AFTER the squats and burpees.

Jackie – 95 clean
Jenny – 70 clean
CJ – 55 clean
Nat – 160 clean
Rav – 188 clean
Charles – 235 clean
Hadrian – 277 clean

Congratulations again to Jolina for showing up with such enthusiasm and team spirit. This woman was a power house and week in and out showed commitment and hard work to do her best. She was our Spirit of 18.2 and we appreciated her positive vibes.

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18. 3
Week of the coconutty sprinkle balls by Nathalie.

This week was the biggest in terms of “firsts” – we had 11!
This chipper full of high level skills had everybody fighting.

Imraz first kipping pull up
Andrea PR OHS squat by 15lbs!
Megan first ring muscle up
Jolina hit a PR 80lb OHS
Tracy got her first ring muscle up
Jacko got her first pull up
Winston got his first ring muscle up
Ally PR OHS by 10lbs!
Andrea got her first pull up
Kita first pull up and first double under
Sean H first ring muscle up

Sabrina is a humble and hard working member who has improved massively since joining UV and throughout The Open. What made this workout special for her was that it was a pairing of her most dreaded movements. She then exceeded her own expectations by absolutely crushing it. This was just one of the reasons she is our 18.3 Spirit of the WOD awardee.

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18. 4
Week of the cakepops by Nathalie.

Again with 11 firsts it was a cracker week. A few members surprised themselves with strong PR deadlifts for reps! That is a massive achievement and the movement quality was super high. The standards of the HSPU had us all fighting for reps, which made the workout extra spicy, yet every legitimate one that little bit sweeter.

Walter hit a PR deadlift
Sabrina did her first HSPU
Ally PR deadlift
Raven 1st push up
Rina PR deadlift
Brian PR deadlift
Jackie PR deadlift
Jenny PR Deadlift
CJ PR deadlift
Clayton first HSPU
Albert first HSPU

This week’s Spirit of 18.4 went to the ever amazing Rachel. Anybody who saw her during this workout judging (she judged a person every heat) would know how genuinely excited she was for other people’s success. We are so lucky to have Rachel’s energy and positive vibes and her dedication to bettering herself doesn’t go unnoticed.

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18. 5
Week of the mini cheesecakes by Nathalie
feat. matcha treats by Ally & Jessie.
Plus Guinness by The Irishman himself.

The last workout brought with it an air of anticipation as the public had the power to vote. Thank you to the team captains plus extras who came in to do the Thursday Live Announcement in-house WOD.

Jolina first c2b (chest to bar pullup)
Dee first c2b
Clayton first c2b
Spencer first c2b
Rachel first c2b
Sean S first c2b
Imraz first c2b
Albert first c2b
Andrea first c2b

This week the Spirit of The Open went to Natalie who consistently tries to bring energy into the gym. It was certainly apparent throughout the Open and as reigning Spirit of the Open winner from last year she has continued her legacy of being awesome by growing in leaps and bounds and dancing to any and every “tune!”

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“Spirit of The Open”

Jackie is a quiet hard-worker (except for an odd excited PR “YEW!) who you’ll find in personal training and/or getting plain #UVStrong in our CrossFit, Weightlifting and Sweat classes. Perfecting her technique is always a top priority and was her focus during last year’s Open.

Jackie’s initial plan was to sit out this year due to fear of injury and niggling pains but the team player that she is, she couldn’t say no. After a bit of coaxing from her fellow UV members she signed up to participate in The Open to compete against her old self from the previous year. By “seeing the UV people at the box it brought back all my first Open memories”  and she remembered that the Open was “not at all about the score.”

Jackie “enjoyed judging, cheering, seeing people come out of their comfort zone and best of all, being surrounded by that energy and people for the entire month.” 

Her goal was to stay injury free and embrace the energy of the gym to get a great workout in. “If I were going to be there screaming my lungs out, might as well get some good workouts!”

Anyone who has the pleasure of being in Jackie’s presence will know the generous energy and positives vibes she gives out.

Throughout The Open Jackie volunteered her time to judge and cheer on other members. These were partly her team mates and partly her frenemies (members on the other teams), and she was even the offical judge to Rina’s son Luca in his own version of 18.1. This was one of the highlights of The Open for her and one of the reasons we think she exemplifies the “Spirit of The Open.”

Equally as notable than her amazing supportive nature was her own personal success.

Jackie hit many personal bests in the open. In 18.3 Jackie successfully put 80lbs over her head and squatted it. Although “the struggle was real” she overcame her fear of injury under pressure and felt “PROUD! VERY proud”.

She deserves to be commended for her effort and she now has a sweet trophy to put up on the cabinet.

Jackie’s goal is to be injury-free by next year’s Open and has been working hard at levelling up her weaknesses and evening out her strengths in the new Level Method system.

Thanks for being you Jackie and making The Open a fun experience for our UV Community.

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Congratulations to the winning team of our Open in-house competition, Flex Appeal!

The official results below:

Flex Appeal 258 points
SwoleMates 209 points
Salute the Glutes 208 points
Practice Safe Sets 175 points

The best part about The Open and the way it was scored was that it encouraged people to participate and rewarded firsts/personal bests as well as top performances.

Thanks and congratulations to everybody for making the atmosphere in the gym so uplifting and positive.

On to next year!

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Personal Training
Want to take your fitness to the next level?

Then incorporating personal training into your regular routine is a great way to work on refining some skills and bringing your training to a whole new level!

The prices for new sign-ups is now active as of May 1st.

$70 for once a month
$130 for twice a month = $65 per session
$240 for once a week = $60 per session
$460 for twice a week = $57.50 per session
$660 for three times a week = $55 per session

Current prices of $60/$110/$200/$400/$600 will remain in place for people who were previously on them.

To book your personal training sessions or to find out more about adding personal training speak to one your coaches.

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The Level Method
What is this big colourful poster all about?

The simple explanation is that it is a way for us to assess our general health and fitness that gives us tangible markers to improve ourselves, keep injury free and healthy to participate in life.

This level system is organised into colours similar to the jiu-jitsu belt system. It has 5 different categories which are broken down further. They range from testing things such as your coordination and core endurance, relative strength, raw strength, flexibility and conditioning to name a few. As a whole, once we have tested all levels we we will be given a bunch of helpful data. This data not only helps to expose weaker links in us as well rounded athletes but it also helps to ensure our longevity in the sport of life. Being flexible is cool, being strong is cool, but can you be flexible AND strong and still be able to run? We say yes.

If your goal is to be injury-free, pain-free, a top level athlete, a top level human being THIS IS FOR YOU.

This tool will also be utilised by us as coaches and as a gym to pinpoint areas of opportunity and growth where we as a whole can level up together.

We are super excited and the buzz around the gym during testing days is uplifting. We are setting the standards high and all testing must be witnessed and approved by a coach.

Once we have input every level you will get our overall level certificate determined by the majority of your tests (all except 2 must be the same colour).

However, any person who achieves Black level in any category will receive a Black level certifictae in that test!

Black level:

Kojo – Flexibility
Tracy – Front Squat
Rav – Flexibility
Megan – Flexibility
Jon – Deadlift 

These are very impressive and you all deserve a big congratulations! We will be presenting your certificates in classes throughout the week.

For all of us there will be strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to look to the next level as a stepping stone whether that be yellow, blue II, brown etc.

Remember it is the work you put in in between those testing days that count!

Log in to submit your levels here.

The gym code is “uv”

Questions, concerns, feedback?
Please reach out to a coach.

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Member of the Month
Andrea is awesome!!

Always listening, never questioning Andrea soaks up all the advice she’s given and actions it with enthusiasm. An extremely coachable and reliable member to put in the hard yards Andrea is now reaping the benefits.

She has gotten super strong, super fit and much more confident than when she first came to us. From coming to just a few classes a week consistently hitting classes and personal training sessions her performance has improved!

This month alone Andrea has attended 13 sessions and 1 personal training session (before she went on her holiday – we hope you are having a blast!)

A few major feats she has achieved are strict pullups, chest to bars, heavy overhead squats and an 85# squat clean!

She also received multiple mentions whenever there were votes cast for Spirit of The Open for her sheer determination and relentlessness to do her best.

Despite all these amazing feats the most notable difference we have noticed in Andrea is how much her confidence has grown.

If there is one lesson to learn from the ever smiling and seriously photogenic Andrea is that knowledge is power so listen, do your homework, consistently turn up with enthusiasm and “be more Andrea!”

Mateo will be in contact to organise a complimentary personal training session.

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Outfit of the month

Rachel is a superstar showing us how ‘grey on grey’ is a-okay 🙂

Sometimes she comes into the gym still dressed in her corporate attire. Sometimes she comes into the gym dressed like this.

She has her priorities straight, “Barbell then brunch” sounds like a perfect combination to us!

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Healthy Meals Delivered to CrossFit UV 

As an addition to LiveFit we have partnered up with another great local meal prep company.Introducing Prepshop!

We already get a discount from the meal delivery service Livefit and now we’re delighted to announce that we’ve organised for CrossFit UV members to get a 5% discount and free delivery from Prepshop!

They’re currently still building out their e-commerce side of the business so I’ve agreed to put things through zen planner.

You order what you want on Zen Planner before Thursday night and they’ll deliver to the gym for free on a Saturday morning.

If you want your meals on a different day you can simply put the order through Zen Planner and then they’ll have the order ready for you to collect the next day.  They’re based by Costco so they’re very close.

These meals are vacuum packed so it’s a slightly different format than Livefit containers however they can both be frozen and are good to keep in the fridge for 5 days.

To order click here.

Ps if you want anything from their menu that isn’t already on Zen Planner simply let Fergus know!

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Even More Healthy Meals Delivered to CrossFit UV 

We will continue to provide the LiveFit healthy meal delivery services too don’t worry!

The process is simple, you order your meals by 9pm on a Saturday at they’ll be delivered to UV by 5pm on Tuesdays.

You can also have them delivered to your home but the gym delivery ensures that there is someone there to collect them so that orders won’t be missed.

The meals can be frozen for up to 90 days or kept in the fridge for 5 days so they’re perfect for ensuring that you have regular healthy meals.

Using our link gives the gym credit for your orders and is helping us negotiate for a gym discount and hopefully free delivery which we’re working on.

To order your first meals go here.

USE CODE: 8279NSLF for $12 off!

The gym address is:

CrossFit UV
60 Spy Crt
Unit 6
L3R 5H6

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The March & April Gains Club!

You work very hard in the gym to get the results that you deserve so we want to put you up in lights and give you credit for your hard work!


40 sessions: Kojo
32 sessions – Micol
29 sessions – Rachel
26 sessions – Leanna
24 sessions – Rita
21 – Natalie
20 sessions – Hilda


36 sessions – Kojo
29 sessions – Adam
25 sessions – Micol
23 sessions – Allie
22 sessions – Natalie
21 sessions – Rachel


We’ve set the criteria at 20 sessions across classes, personal training, courses and open gym.

Ps. to ensure that all of your sessions get included make sure that you’re signing into every session using the iPad at the front of the gym.

This is not just about getting into the gains club but also to ensure fair access to the gym and cover for liability reasons.

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CrossFit UV Swag

Snapped by the papps in our new UV Socks!

Slip on our socks and be reminded on the daily to be #UVStrong.

Those who pre-ordered we expect delivery by the end of the month.

If you would like a pair for the exclusive pre-order price of $25 you have until THIS FRIDAY 4th MAY! 

If you missed out, or want to see them in person first, never fear we will have some pairs for purchase at the front desk.

From Saturday onwards they will be $30 each.


PS: Hoodies are (still) in the HOUSE!

Missed out on the pre-order? Never fear, you can still purchase the UV hoodies here!

Available in navy but we only have limited stock available so get in ASAP.

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March PR Board 

The March & April PR boards were seriously impressive!

Between The Open and The Level Method testing we almost ran out of room.

Thanks to a little April Fool for sneaking in some edits.

See above’s Open recap for all the firsts each week!

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April PR Board 

This past month with The Level Testing we have seen some serious feats of strength, determination and grit.

Between The Open and The Level Method testing we almost ran out of room.

Some highlights were:

Rana 1st Double Under
Kristine 200# Pause Squat
Hadrian 300# Clean
Jon 500# Deadlift
Tracy 350# Deadlift
Jessie & Veronica Split Jerk 75#
Nat 5km Row 21:23
Taylor Power Clean 125#

Fist bumps to everybody for your hard work – keep up the hard work during The Level Method Testing. For the majority of us it was a major eye opener to collect data on the different aspects of fitness and health that may not be living up to our expectations.

The takeaway from this is that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE. What you do, or don’t do, decides on the outcome. So let’s keep showing up, putting in that consistent effort because we are in it for the long-term.

If you read something that impressed you, make an effort to fist bump that person next time you see them too. We want you to share in each others successes.

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Supplements Corner

Vote now for your preference in protein on our Facebook group!
Exciting things to come…

For now, a reminder.
We do an order of 5 Star Formula, the amazing pre and post workout carb Vitargo and the highly addictive FitAID on a monthly basis. If you want any of the products or want to find out more information let us know.

CrossFit UV members also get a 25% discount with CrossFuel by simply using code ‘CrossFitUV25’ when you order online.

If there are any other supplements you’d like us to look at please let us know.

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UV Nutrition 
The Open time is super important to have your training, recover and diet on point!

Also, spring is coming and now is the time to create habits that will stick year round. Remember, summer bodies are made in winter so the time to start is TODAY.

Getting started with UV Nutrition is as simple as downloading MyFitnessPal on your phone and logging your food for one week.

You’ll then send us a few screen dumps and off we go!

We set your overall calorie and macros goals (carbs, fat and protein) to take the guessing out of it for you.

Depending on your goals or upcoming events (holidays, weddings, birthdays, reunions etc) we’ll adjust your calories and macros as needed on a weekly basis.

Sign up here to calorie setting or if you’d like to do a 1-2-1 consultation with our Registered Dietician, Gigi, mail hello@crossfituv.ca for more info.

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Social Media

As you know we’re using Instagram stories for our CrossFit UV Instagram page to keep you up to date with what’s going on when you’re not at the gym.

Speaking of social media, it’s definitely worth following some of our members fitness instagrams:

Taylor DS RMT
RX’d Boss Ladies
Poppyfit blog
Allie Poppy Fit
Coach Amy
Coach Mateo 
Coach Nick
Coach Fergus

if you would like your profile featured here let us know.

Keep celebrating your fitness and tagging @CrossFitUV you awesome people.


#CrossFitUV #UVStrong #UVCommunity #UVHandstand #UVStrongFit #UVSweat #TheLevelMethod

For those of you who don’t do social media, never fear, we are keeping you in the loop with our new “UV Community” board at the gym which will feature notices, recipes, social information and photos. Keep your eye on the board as we add to it over the year.

As always, if you have any suggestions or contributions please see a coach.

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Social Corner

Our movie and awards night was a hit!

The night started off with the claiming of a patch of superficial turf. Some brought pillows, others brought blankets, some brought kid size (or Hilda size) couches.

We really appreciate the effort you all went to to share your riday night with us. That was our way of celebrating 5 weeks of hard work in The Open and getting pumped up again by watching the documentary style film that followed a few of the top athletes in the CrossFit Games from 2017.

Upcoming we have another movie night, this time at the VIP Cinemas in downtown Markham this Saturday May 5th.

We will be seeing the afternoon screening of Avengers: Infinity War in 3D at 3:30pm (booking seats in row F or close by). The plan is to arrive at  3pm for food and then watch Thanos wreak havoc!


We are going to SkyZone Vaughn on Saturday May 26th at 6pm.

Please click attending or not attending on our Facebook event or email us to RSVP! This way we can arrange a booking and can organise a car pool from the gym.

The plan is to play a few games of dodgeball, have a jump around and find our way to some food afterwards.

Cost will be approx $20pp

If you have any social ideas just let us know.

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Bonus Fitness
Do you want to get some extra gains outside of classes?

To help you with this we’ve added a Bonus Fitness AND a new SWEAT track on SugarWOD.  Also keep an eye on the Weightlifting track on non-class days for extra gains!

There’s suggested strength, skill, core or cardio parts there on different days each week so that you can focus on the items which will help you achieve your goals.

These are designed to tie in with the class and weightlifting programming which makes them very complimentary to your daily WOD.

Obviously doing every single piece of Bonus Fitness, Weightlifting and every Sweat session would be asking for trouble. This could lead to injury so to help you pick which parts you should focus on grab one of the coaches for a chat.

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Handstand of the month 
Micol’s first handstand!!!

You’ll often see her after class with Rita as they are both practicing to gain confidence being upside down.

As always tag @crossfituv on social media and use the hashtag #UVHandstand

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CrossFit UV Members Facebook Group 
This is a message for all of you awesome people that are yet to get involved with us on Facebook.  We have a private group called CrossFit UV Members where you can keep up to date on the latest goings on at the gym including programming, competitions and socials.

Join Now!

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SugarWOD Workout Tracking
We use SugarWOD to track our workouts at CrossFit UV.

Tracking your progress is important because it allows you to see how far you’ve come, your strengths & weaknesses so that you can pinpoint where you need to focus your training.  It’s also very useful when doing percentage work!

SugarWOD isn’t simply a score tracking app though, as it allows you to makes notes on your workouts, give other people a fist bump on a job well done or comment on their scores which makes it very interactive and social too!

We’re paying for SugarWOD on your behalf so all you need to do is download it for the iPhone or Android then simply select CrossFit UV as your gym and get logging!

You can check out loads of other features here. 




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