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Suffering from Snack Attacks?

Ever find yourself reaching for a share bag of chocolate coated raisins, planning to just have a few… to realise you’ve consumed the whole bag in one sitting? Been there. 

Now this is not to demonise having a treat or two by any stretch, but if you find yourself constantly battling snack-attacks, check out these 6 simple tips to curbing those cravings.

1. Build an environment that supports your goals

If you have access to a lot of desirable, calorific foods, and they’re in sight, you will eat them. So… don’t buy them, or hide them from view. The harder it is for you to get hold of these foods, the less likely it is that you’ll eat them. Who knew…

2. Control the hyper-palatable foods

Limiting intake of her palatable foods over time will in fact dampen your cravings for them, so try to reduce excess sugar and salt form your diet and general, and you’ll crave less of it!

3. Maintain balance

Enjoy treats, but within reason. If you regularly enjoy a treat as part of a balanced routine, you’ll be less likely to feel the need to have a huge splurge or binge.

4. Substitute with a smarter option

If you’re craving something specific, try switching it for something else that better suits your nutrition goals. Perhaps you’re craving a glass of coke in the evening, but the sugar and caffeine sends you spinning? Swap to out for a cold brew fruit tea instead! Or maybe you find yourself reaching for a the wine gums in the afternoon…switch it out for a small bunch of grapes instead!

5. Include more protein and fibre in your diet

Set yourself up for success, and base your meals around high fibre foods and protein to help combat hunger pangs and keep you fuller for longer!

6. Notice your triggers

Do you was reach for an unhealthy snack at the same time? What is happening around you at that time? Perhaps it’s after a workout, because you’re always hungry, or maybe it’s after a long day at work when you come home feeling stressed. Once you notice these triggers, you can put measures in place to combat them. Perhaps it’s having a small shake shortly before your workout, so you don’t feel so depleted afterwards… or maybe going for a brisk walk after work will help you to unwind and save you reaching for the chocolate.

And if you’re still struggling…

Get in touch with us to discuss our bespoke nutrient coaching options. UV offer a range of products and services to help you feel good in yourself and have a positive relationship with food, which achieving your nutrition and performance goals.



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