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Bloody Double Unders!

Be it double unders, handstands, muscle ups, pistols or any other skill there’s always something we’re chasing so lets look at how we can use our WODs (workout of the day) to get there faster. For this I’m going to use double unders as an example as it tends to be the first skill most of us try to master in CrossFit.  The answer is simple.

Every time double unders comes up in a WOD you simply get to that point and then spend a few minutes practicing that skill.  So for example in todays WOD I had people spend 2 minutes practicing their double unders every time that they got to the point in the WOD that they were due to do double unders.

This way instead of just substituting something else for double unders people are able to take some time to practice the skill.

I will typically use a different length of time depending on the amount of reps required but the concept is the same.

When you know that you’ll be spending the next X amount of time practicing something it removes the rush to get the exercise done as fast as possible and allows you to slow down and use the progressions that your coach has recommended to get better and develop that skill.

In my own training if I come up against a skill that I’m unable to do I swallow my pride and spend the rest of the WOD practising it. To use an example, if the WOD is a 7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 10 thrusters and 30 double unders I would do the 10 thrusters in the first round and then spend the rest of the time practising double unders, if I got the 30 done I’d move on but if I didn’t I’d just spent a lot of well needed time practising that skill.

Is it frustrating to spend what seems like forever missing rep after rep? yes, of course, but if you keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this (i.e. to master a skill) then you’ll be happy to keep working.

The take away. To help develop a skill either spend the next few minutes in a WOD practicing that skill or devote the rest of the WOD to practicing that skill the rest of a WOD practising it, be patient and before you know it, it’ll be like second nature to you.

As always, and most importantly, remember to enjoy your fitness! Stay Classy CrossFitters!

Fergus and the Team
CrossFit UV



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