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The Weekly Ritual – 5 Keys To Success!

The weekly ritual is one of the most important take-aways I’ve learned from habits-based coaching. It is often one of the biggest factors in whether …

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Supplement With Smiles—and Support

You really can’t start a fitness program without smiles.  Because if training isn’t fun, you aren’t going to stick with it.  Working out is tough! …

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How an Irishman ended up opening a gym in Canada…

I’m Fergus, founder of UV and here’s my story…  I grew up in Cork and I’ve been involved in sports all my life and there …

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The Supplement You Need to Take When Starting to Get Fit

So you want to start a fitness program, and you have questions about all the supplements out there.  We understand, we all want that magic …

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How to Lose Fat “Right Here”

With over 20 years in the fitness industry we’ve seen clients point to every single body part and say, “I want to lose fat right …

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How to Start a Fitness Routine NOW!

If you Google “how to start a workout routine,” you’ll see some great advice and maybe some not so great advice. We believe that the …

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The 2020 UV Committed Club

What is it? Health and fitness is a lifelong endeavour, not a 6-week challenge. Countless studies have shown that training 3-5 times a week consistently ...
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Monthly Healthy Habits

Let's introduce healthy habits in 2020. You can use this in January or during any month of the year. Simply start on the first (or ...
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A Simple Way To Save $1,000s Per Year

A Simple Way To Save $1,000s Per Year   Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes, but unfortunately we can't look into the future with ...
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How To Minimise Stress

How To Minimise Stress   The only good thing about being stressed out is this classic Tribe Called Quest & Faith Evans song. (I listened ...
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