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The 2023 Nobull CrossFit Games & The Open at CrossFit UV

With registrations now live for the CrossFit Open, talks of the 2023 CrossFit Games season are in full swing! If you’ve never heard of the CrossFit Games …

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Vitamin D: Should I be Supplementing?

Vitamin D: the ‘sunshine’ vitamin. So with the summer now a distant memory, autumn on the way out and winter setting in, should we be …

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Maintaining Your Routine Whilst Travelling

With borders now open, many Covid regulations relaxed, more and more people are venturing out of the country on their long awaited trips and holidays. …

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Which are better: White Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?

White potatoes can get a pretty bad rap, often dubbed as the ‘unhealthy’ potato or seen as treat-food. But what is actually based on – …

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Confidence: How can I work on it?

Back in October, we shared an article on the topic of confidence, and whether it can be learned (without totally giving it away… it can!). …

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Five Super-Spices

Looking to spice up your life… literally? Look no further, because we’re bringing you the low-down of our top 5 most wanted super-spices, and why …

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Chin Ups VS Pull Ups

Chin Up VS Pull Up: which is better? Why is one easier than the other? Which should you be practicing? … and if the chin …

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Time To Be Mindful With Your Time

We all enjoy our time in different ways, but one thing is for sure… we all feel like we never have enough of it. How …

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Your Period & Exercise

What affects half of gym-goers at some point in their life, and yet is something that is rarely talked about in the gym walls? You’ve …

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How To Fall Asleep

We addressed the important topic of sleep in a UV blog post back in September, and touched on the importance of establishing a consistent bedtime routine. We …

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