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Is Personal Training For You

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Is Personal Training for you?

Hello you awesome people!

We’re very excited to announce that we are now offering one-on-one personal training sessions!

Personal training (‘PT’) can provide a massive boost to anyone and everyone that wants to move and feel better but also gain the most out of their time inside and outside of the gym.

Services can include:
– Individual goal setting
– Mobility assessments
– Movement assessments
– Prehab (injury prevention) /rehab (recovering after an injury)
– Personalised technique assistance i.e Breathing and bracing (and pelvic floor)
– Gymnastics skill and drill progressions
– Advanced Lifting mechanics and Olympic lifting
– Nutritional guidance and education

Working out is a lot of fun!
However, occasionally we can lose sight of that but we want you to remember that working out should never feel like punishment!

Working out is steadily progressing towards a goal and enjoying the journey.

Why is personal training beneficial?
Everybody is unique and due to differing body types, structures, pre-existing injuries and mobility limitations, it is important to build a solid foundation of knowledge that applies to you.

Individualised advice in a one-on-one setting will help you overcome plateaus, give you the tools to get more out of your training, learn about movement to accelerate your performance and minimise injury risk.

It is common to develop poor habits in our movement due to lack of mobility/stability or injury.

It is even more important to know where discomfort is warranted and pain is a sign that we may need to make a change and this is where one-on-one advice is incredibly beneficial to help you understand and improve on any limitations that you may have.

Due to lifestyle, habits and injuries our body can and will take the “path of least resistance”. This means an injury may have led to your body not using a muscle group to the best of its ability which causes less than ideal movement patterns and a loss in function/strength.

More specifically the areas of major concern are the activation of the core (inc pelvic floor), glutes and the lower back. Joints such as the knees and shoulders also often have to compensate for poor activation in other areas and the wear and tear on them can be harsh.

Gymnastics, lifting.. The real complex stuff! You need to have a strong foundation and understanding of how to progress in or to these movements. With our wide range of ability levels, we all need different drills, cues and ways to learn and understand movement and where we stand in order to improve.

Lets set some goals that you truly want to obtain and start on the path of improvement that gets you there!

If you’re interested in finding out more speak a coach or email me directly (fergus@crossfituv.ca).

Fergus and the team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

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