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Earlier this year we openly expressed our disappointment with the lack of a response from CrossFit HQ to some global issues. We felt that our only course of action was to take a stand and hold true to our values despite our long history of supporting CrossFit. It was very difficult to move away from something that had given us, and so many others, so much for so long, but it was the right thing to do.

Our stance, and the one taken by a large body of gyms and influential people, was vindicated by the change that we’ve seen in, not only the ownership of CrossFit Inc., but in the overall way in which CrossFit operates.

Without our collective willingness to stand up for what was right and show leadership nothing would have happened. We are proud of our actions and proud that our members stuck by us during these turbulent times.

Since then we have been monitoring the situation at CrossFit HQ and have been very open with our desire to move back under the CrossFit umbrella but only under the right circumstances.

The unexpected resignation of the former CEO, the sale of CrossFit Inc. in its entirety to Eric Roza, the massive increase in the amount of communication that grassroots gyms have been receiving and the open and honest town-hall meetings that CrossFit have been holding, amongst other things, have clearly demonstrated to us that times have changed.

As with any decision, there is a need to regularly review everything that we do and now we feel a renewed sense of confidence in the organisation we are pleased to announce thatUV FIT will be, once again, a proud CrossFit affiliate.

The name above the door will remain UV FIT and the day-to-day operations of the gym will remain unchanged – the commitment to providing our members with the best experience of their day, the high class coaching and constantly challenging programming. We are once again confident that being part of a larger organisation that is listening to what is happening in gyms around the world in a way it never has before is the right thing for UV FIT moving forwards.



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