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August Newsletter

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Hello you awesome people!

July #UVWrapUp

The month of the HeroWODs!

Did you know?
CrossFit often pays tribute to fallen “heroes” or service men and women. More than just an intense and challenging workout, these are to honour of these people and their sacrifice. We display their photo and stories on the TV screen to learn more about the person the workout is named after.

We completed Glen, Randy, Jerry, Brehm, JT, Rahoi, Holleyman, Del and Dallas 5 spread out over the month.

These workouts pushed us to our limits. Many CrossFitters dig into that “pain cave” during the WODs as a way of honouring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. As a fitness test, we also retest these workouts every now and then.

It has been awesome seeing the UV Community give their best during these workouts and the improvements made to our fitness and strength as a whole throughout this month! Between the Hero workouts, our usual CrossFit program, StrongFit, Sweat, Weightlifting and the Bonus Fitness we have been seriously impressed by your efforts day in and day out to chase those gains.

The member of the month doesn’t shy away from a challenge. They hit their best month for attendance and have been a pleasure to watch grow as they learn more about movement and themselves.

Our social this past month was an afternoon at Epic Runner.
On a sad note, we said our goodbyes to a group of OG UV Community members. Rita, Allie, Greg and Taylor are moving away and going on adventures not so near and super far. We are excited for their new chapters, wish them all the best and miss them already.

Earlier this month a group of our UV members competed in BeachWOD. They had an awesome time and did UV proud!

In other news, one of our UV members has taken their first steps into the fitness industry and UV is excited to announce our first intern!

Read more below.

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Upcoming in August…

BINGO cards are now available on the UV Community board.
Work your way through the cards to win some wicked prizes.

To help us celebrate UV’s 2nd Birthday.
Our big official birthday bash is coming up fast. Make sure it’s in your calendar and you have RSVP on the Facebook event.

UV’s newest intern spotted shadowing the coaches!

Read the juicy goss to keep in the know, below!

The team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

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Member of the Month


This lovely lady doesn’t walk into class – she skips!

New to the fitness scene, Lorena found UV as a place to better her health and fitness. Just a few buildings from her work place she often walks over to the mid morning or lunchtime sessions.

Now a 12.30pm regular she is hungry for knowledge – Lorena asks lots of questions and loves to find out the why behind what she is doing.  She also has a great attitude to feedback and as such has learnt a lot of new and challenging movements. Her vibes are positive, and her high energy is felt everyday and she is often smiling even through the most challenging days.

One day, after a WOD, Lorena went for a bonus 1 mile run with a few members. She had to take an important call so instead of opting out, she ran with the phone on her ear!

She doesn’t shy away from a challenge and does the extra work.

As a result of the above, her strength, conditioning and confidence has grown tremendously!

In summary, get (skip) your way into UV, ask questions to help you understand and do the bonus work with a smile and be more “Lorena”!

Congratulations Lorena.
Nick will be in contact to organise a complimentary personal training session.

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The idea of bingo is to be a fun and interactive challenge with the theme of #UVCommunity and being #UVStrong.

Each task you tick off earns you a ticket entry into a prize draw.

There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place prize inclusing but not limited to dinner vouchers, supplements, merch and other goodies…

Each BINGO line won will be 3 extra entries into the draw.

Bingo cards are now up on the Community Board.

The rules are simple:
1. Write your name on a Bingo Card.
2. pin it to the community board.
3. Show proof to a coach to get a stamp and have them sign each box as it’s completed.
4. post ‘social proof’ to social media (must be profiles, not stories).
5. tag @crossFitUV #CrossFitUV #UVFit #UVBingo
6. start working on your next square!
7. You have from the 9th of August until the 30th September to complete your UV Bingo Card!

Prizes, Prizes, PRIZES!!!
Will include but not limited to:
– A gift card for the Keg
– A gift card for Nandos
– Supplements/Fitaid aka gains in a tub
– UV Swag
– bragging rights

There will be also be other other prizes given along the way, for example, Tracy won a pair of UV sock for being the first person to complete the box for rowing 10k!

ps, you may have noticed that there are two sections for weightlifting, one is for a Saturday class, and the other is for the Thursday evening class.

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July PR Board

The gains have been coming in hot (and sweaty) this summer! July has been a super heavy month of testing with benchmarks, hero WODs and Level Method Testing

Some highlights were:

– Jolina updated her relationship status on Facebook!
-Adam hit a 7:55 mile run!
– Hilda competed a rope climb in 2 pulls!
– Coach Nick got even stronger!
– Allie, Jamie, Sean and Greg hit PR’s on Grace!
– Charles got his first strict muscle up!
– Kojo is getting closer to learning how to write in a straight line!
– Cory hit a 7:39 mile!
– David’s hair was beautiful whilst he squatted 265lbs!
– Coach Fergus made several references to Irish culture that no-one got, this time it was discussing ‘Father Jack’, the old sage from Father Ted. This follows previous attempts to explain the ‘Speed Episode’.
– lots of you forgot to write down loads of PR’s last month … 😉
– and basically everyone got stronger at weightlifting!


Fist bumps to everybody for your hard work – keep up the hard work and continue to use The Level Method for testing. For the majority of us it was a major eye opener to collect data on the different aspects of fitness and health that may not be living up to our potential.

The takeaway from this is that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE. What you do, or don’t do, decides on the outcome. So let’s keep showing up, putting in that consistent effort because we are in it for the long-term.

If you read something that impressed you, make an effort to fist bump that person next time you see them too. We want you to share in each other’s successes.

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Social Corner

Beach Day AKA Epic Runner

This months social was planned to be a relaxing day of hanging out at the beach as a last hangout with Allie, Greg, Rita and Taylor (and Kona) who are all moving away.

Unfortunately, our beach day was rained out so we had a last minute change of plans.

In true CrossFit UV style, instead of calling the day off we opted for something active, competitive and super sweaty.

Think a maze style obstacle course with mini games including team deathmatches, zombies and nerf gun wars!

It was a true test of fitness and friendships with some saying the games were “harder than CrossFit”.

The night finished off with the classic trip to Fan Zone wings.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, especially those who came and watched even though they couldn’t participate.

And to Allie, Greg, Rita and Taylor for being such significant members of the UV Community from the very early days.

You will be missed!

If you have any social ideas just let us know.

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Hot off the press!

UV welcomes our newest intern….

A fitness, health and sweat enthusiast, one half of RX Boss Ladies, Megatron

Recently Meg has taken the first big steps into the fitness industry and is now a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer. She is now interning with us as she pursues her coaching goals. You will see her in classes shadowing coaches and gaining experience and practice sharing her passion and knowledge for fitness.

Please congratulate her, encourage her and make her feel welcome as she takes on this new role as intern as she transitions into coaching with us.

UV is excited to have you Intern Meg!

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Tomorrow we host the social event of the year, one not to be missed!

In celebration of CrossFit UV turning two, a reason to get out in the sunshine and hang in the pool and for all the activities.

Last year we had a BBQ, a water balloon fight, visited the (non-CrossFit) animals (the rabbits were so cute!), had a tractor ride, played water polo, volleyball, soccer, spike ball and everything in between.

This year: all of the above plus more.

Sunday August 12th
Where: Camp Green Acres
Who: Family and friends welcome but please let us know of any extras.
(no dogs sorry *heartbroken*)

RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

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Handstand of the Month!

It is time.

Long time entrant, first time winner, this past month Kojo has been putting in the hard yards!

This month, Kojo went the extra distance (literally to Cambridge) and snapped this photo at Albion Falls.

Rumour has it he handstand walked over the fence!
There was also a photo on the rocks at the sea side and talk of a handstand photo on the edge of a cliff with an hawk in the background..

“If you’re not risking your life you’re probably not doing it right*” – Kojo

Please handstand of the month safely friends.

Don’t forget to tag us @crossfituv on instagram and #UVHandstandoftheMonth

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July Gains Club!

You work very hard in the gym to get the results that you deserve so we want to put you up in lights and give you credit for your hard work!


Micol – 48
Kojo – 28
Mikael – 26
Rita – 26
Jaime Gonzalez – 21
Hadrian – 21
Adam – 20
Rav – 20


We’ve set the criteria at 20 sessions across classes, personal training, courses and open gym.

Ps. to ensure that all of your sessions get included make sure that you’re signing into every session using the iPad at the front of the gym.

This is not just about getting into the gains club but also to ensure fair access to the gym and cover for liability reasons.

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CrossFit UV Swag

Whats new? We have some exciting new summer apparel in the pipeline but in the meantime….

Get snapped by the papps in our new UV Socks!

Slip on our socks and be reminded on the daily to be #UVStrong.


PS: Hoodies are (still) in the HOUSE!

You can purchase the UV swag here!

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UV Competes

Beach WOD! Bit of sun, a lot of fitness and a lot of fun.

Congratulations to UV members Tracy, Sean, Kojo who competed in a CrossFit competition at the start of this month.

They worked hard and showcased their strength and skills in workouts featuring sandbags (practiced in our StrongFit class!), always brutal assault bike work and a swim.

Amazing work team, you made UV proud.

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Outfit of the Month

Shout out to arguably the cutest guy in the house. Sadly, he has left us to find a new home with his parents however he deserves a shout out for rocking this cute bandana and leash combo.

My how he has grown!

Follow along with Kona’s journey @kona.thehusky on instagram.

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CrossFit UV Members Facebook Group

This is a message for all of you awesome people that are yet to get involved with us on Facebook. We have a private group called CrossFit UV Members where you can keep up to date on the latest goings on at the gym including programming, competitions and socials.

Join Now!




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