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January Newsletter

Hello you awesome people!

It’s a new year and we can’t put into words how excited we are for what’s in-store during 2017.

The most exciting news is that from the start of February Coach Nick will be coming on board as a full time coach.  We were adamant that we would wait until we found the right coach, one who not only brought a wealth of experience but  will go above and beyond to help you exceed your goals.  In Nick we’ve done just that and we can’t wait for him to start.  Some things that you may not know about Nick is that his sporting background is baseball, he is the gyms Spikeball raining champion (please feel free to knock him off his perch) and he’s a semi-professional Sim City player!

Welcome Coach Nick.

We’ve been focused on getting ready for the CrossFit Open, which starts at the end of February, and this why you’ve seen so much new kit arrive over the last few weeks, we nearly have everything we want but you’ll see a few more new toys shortly.

CrossFit UV is already top class gym. During 2017, we want to take CrossFit UV to a whole new level and make it even easier for you to surpass your goals.  As part of this we’re dedicated to helping you on an even more personalised level so look out for goal setting meetings, regular nutrition blogs, the launch of nutrition counselling, personalised programming and personal training. Each of these deserves a more detailed write up so you’ll hear about each in due course.

Finally look out for the launch of pre-order for the CrossFit UV hoody later this week.

If you have any ideas for socials, inclusions in the newsletter or ways of making CrossFit UV even better please let us know.

See you in the gym!

Fergus and the team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong



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