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Maintaining Your Routine Whilst Travelling

With borders now open, many Covid regulations relaxed, more and more people are venturing out of the country on their long awaited trips and holidays. We’re often asked by members how they can stay in a good routine even when they’re away, so we’re bringing you a few tips and tid-bits that can help you whilst you’re away from home!


A quick note on holidays first of all. If you’re travelling for pleasure, then the biggest piece of advice we can give is… *drum roll*….relax. You’re on holiday. Expect to be out of routine, and expect to be enjoying experiences that are out of the ordinary. This might include some later nights or perhaps long line ins (or both!), and maybe more alcohol and treats than you’d have at home, but in the grand scheme of things, one or two weeks away from your routine (and all the stresses and challenges that come with life back home!) is likely going to do more good than bad. So, unless you’re working towards some crucial and / or time-critical goals, don’t sweat it. This isn’t to say that eating gelato eight times a day and binging on gallons of wine every night is recommended, but there’s a balance to be struck. Your gains won’t be lost in a fortnight, and you’ll have a far more enjoyable break just sitting back and not worrying about which salad dressing is lowest in fat.

Food & Drink

That being said, if you’re working towards important goals, or perhaps you’re travelling with work, or maybe your gut can be sensitive to drastic changes in diet leaving you feeling uncomfortable… you might be looking for some ways you can stay in your usual healthy routine when it comes to food and drink. And even if you are holidaying – we all know how grim airplane food can be, and are familiar with that groggy post-flight feeling (even if you’re not severely jet lagged!) so making a plan to avoid airport-food-magedon is not a bad idea at all. And that’s just it: make a plan. Check out what is available in advance, and if you can, take your own food so you can dine on your terms, and not just grab whatever fast-food the airport is offering. Prep meal not an option? Airports and stations will all likely have a shop or two where you can pick up a ‘meal deal’ or similar, so you might find there’s an appealing option there that is more likely to tick your nutritional boxes than grabbing a pre-trip Maccys.

Flights & Jet Lag

Travelling in itself can be exhausting, let alone thinking about the woes of switching time zones. Set yourself up for success by changing your watch at the very start of your journey to the arrival city’s time, to try and force your body into your onward destination’s timezone. Behave as if it were this time right from the get go (if you can…we don’t recommend setting up a bed in departures half an hour before you’re due to board!). This might include things like declining an on-board meal or snack if it’s meant to be the middle of the night, or not allowing yourself to have a 5 hour snooze if you’re flying through the day. Take extra care if you consume caffeine; you wouldn’t want to find yourself wired on arrival if it’s actually now time for bed. Upon landing, give your body’s circadian rhythm the best shot at adjusting by getting outside in sunlight. Exposing our body to natural light can help give the relevant hormones a kick start to help you fall into the new rhythm.


Keeping up your exercise routine can be especially tricky if you’re travelling for work and staying in a hotel without a gym. The good news? We shared an article on the UV blog last year with a whole bunch of practical tips on how to take the gym to your hotel room with some equipment-free workout inspiration! Space in your luggage? Consider taking a resistance band or two for a super-lightweight way to add some interest and diversity to your hotel-room workouts.

If you’re travelling for pleasure and are looking to get an overseas fitness-fix, look up your local CrossFit gym! CrossFit.com provide an international Affiliate Map which is a fantastic resource for the travelling CrossFitter. Most CrossFit gyms will allow (and usually, welcome with open arms!) drop-ins for people who have been doing CrossFit at their home affiliate for a few months plus. Be sure to get in touch with them in advance to check their policies, opening times and rates, and if it’s a go-er, give it a try! The CrossFit community is vast and far-reaching, and dropping in is a wonderful way to meet new people and take on a WOD in a home-away-from-home.


So there we have it – a few pointers if you’re looking to keep up those positive habits you’ve been working hard on whilst you’re away! We must re-iterate though, if you’re travelling somewhere where some of these options are not possible, or if you are simply looking for a total break from routine and to switch off from normal life, a couple of weeks will not destroy your progress. It’s the hard work and commitment you put in during the other 50 weeks of the year that will really make a difference. So, when it’s time for a holiday – chill.  Returning from a relaxing break will leave you so refreshed and renewed that you’ll likely feel excited and ready to get back to smashing those goals!

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