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October Newsletter

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Hello you awesome people!

Best September EVER!

September started with a bang thanks to the arrival of Mateo, his easy going attitude and his many sleeveless shirts and just when we though that it was getting too cold for them, boom, the sun came back out!

We also launched our 10am classes and Thursday weightlifting classes which have been a roaring success and are definitely here to stay.

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We’ve got a great few weeks ahead with our Games Night on Friday the 20th, our Halloween WOD on Saturday the 28th and we get to greet the lovely Coach Amy at our Thanksgiving WOD on Monday the 9th.

Fergus and the team at CrossFit UV
#CrossFitUV #UVStrong

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Member of the month – Tiff

Tiff could probably win this award for putting up with Rav & Hadrian complaining on a daily basis!This was a really hard month to make a decision on because so many people have genuinely been killing it, however Tiff was on another level to her usual awesome self!

Epic things Tiff did this month included a 65lb snatch which she has been working steadily towards over the last few months. she snatched it again on Thursday and hit 66lbs in this mornings class so road to 70 anyone?  I know how hard she’s been working towards that 65lb snatch that I think I mentioned it to about a dozen classes afterwards.

On the whiteboard she flies under the radar but, if you pay as much attention to everyones scores as the coaches do, you’ll note that she has a really big engine, is one of the best in the gym at rope climbs, seems to love burpees (weirdo!) and is regularly doing more and more WODs as RX’d.

Her progress didn’t happen by luck, she’s regularly staying after class or getting in early working on one thing at a time to keep improving.

Outside of her love of bullying coaches (seriously, when no one is watching she’s beats us!), Tiff is an absolutely wonderful lady!

She comes in with a smile, works her butt off in every class and laughs at all of my jokes – what’s not to like!

She’s regularly brings people treats and, along with Hilda, Tracy & florah, organise a gorgeous BBQ and cake for Rav’s birthday.

This month also saw Tiff’s one year anniversary at UV and more importantly her 8 year anniversary with Hadrian or as she calls him ‘Big S*xy’ (she protests that it’s Rav’s nickname for him but we know the truth!).

In summary, work your ass off, laugh at all of my jokes, regularly take pics of animals to show everyone, challenge yourself to do things you never though that you could but most of all Be More Tiff!

Ps Coach Mateo will be in contact to set up a one-on-one personal training session as your prize!

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Social Corner

Your social calendar is filling up!Dates for your diary:

Friday 20th October – UV Games Night and meet Coach Amy at 7:30pm
Saturday 28th October – Halloween WOD at 10am
Saturday December 2nd – UV Christmas Partay!

The Games Night on the 20th will start just after the 6:30pm class finishes.  We’ll bring in tables and order the pizza to arrive at 8pm.  We’ll also get to officially meet coach Amy on the night!

The Halloween WOD will be mandatory fancy dress and kick off 10am.  Please feel free to bring puppies, babies and family.

For the Christmas party on the 10th we’re currently finalising the details but we wanted to get the date in your diary ASAP as you’re very popular people;)

Other social ideas we have for the next few months are:
Dodgeball trampolining
Pursuit OCR
Rock climbing at the Hub
another movie night with a yet to be determined film – anyone for Grease?

If you have any social ideas just let us know.

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Open Gym

Up until now open gym has been for Gold/unlimited members only however we’ve now decided to roll it out to all members.For optimum results the majority of your training should still be completed during classes or through personal training however this will now give you the chance to work on extra skills, strength or do some homework you’ve been given by a  coach in class or during a personal training session.

Booking open gym can be done in the same way that you book any other class through Zen Planner.

If you’re wondering what constitutes doing open gym (i.e. what we be used as one of your classes) it’s simple; if you’re doing extra strength or skill work for more than 15 mins before or after a class it’s considered doing open gym but if you’re hanging out mobilising or chatting for as long as you want it’s not – simples.

With roughly 200 classes a month and tonnes of open gym there’s always a time for you to get some fitness!

Get booking now!

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UV Nutrition 

Getting started with UV Nutrition is as simple as downloading myfitnesspal on your phone and logging your food for one week.

You’ll then send us a few screen dumps and off we go!

We set your overall calorie and macros goals (carbs, fat and protein) to take the guessing out of it for you.

Depending on your goals or upcoming events (holidays, weddings, birthdays, reunions etc) we’ll adjust your calories and macros as needed on a weekly basis.

Sign up here to calorie setting or if you’d like to do a 1-2-1 consultation with our Registered Dietician, Gigi, mail hello@crossfituv.ca for more info.

Head over to the UVnutrition.fit and keep a regular eye on the UV Nutrition Instagram for regular nutrition tips and recipes.

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PR Board 

The September PR board was full of awesomeness!

some notable scores were:

I think that Arch snatched 135lbs but I’m not sure…

Cory – 1st bar muscle up!
Rav – 1st ring muscle up!
Rita – 1st tyre flip at 350 lbs!
Matt – 1st sub 20 minute 5k row! (19:58)

Sir Gregory – half the whiteboard including a 290lb squat, a 185lb jerk and a 7:52 Grace
Kojo – breast stroke 850m
Coach Nick – 325lb front squat
Taylor – 100lb overhead squat
Constance – 155lb front stquat
Tiff – 65lb snatch
Yas – 170lb front squat
Felix – 320lb squat

and finally Lori, 120 sweet Ontario corn on the cob!

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Social Media

As you know we’re started to use Instagram stories for our CrossFit UV Instagram page.

Speaking of social Media, it’s definitely worth following some of our members fitness instagrams:

RX’d Boss Ladies

TDS Fitness
Coach Mateo 
Coach Nick
Coach Fergus

if you would like your profile featured here let me know.

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Personal Training 
Personal Training is a great way to work on refining some skills and bringing your training to a whole new level!To book your personal training sessions with Nick and Mateo gohere (and scroll down to personal training).

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Supplements Corner

We do an order of 5 Star Formula, the amazing pre and post workout carb Vitargo and the highly addictive FitAID on a monthly basis. If you want any of the products or want to find out more information let us know.

CrossFit UV members also get a 25% discount with CrossFuel by simply using code ‘CrossFitUV25’ when you order online.

If there are any other supplements you’d like us to look at please let us know.

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Outfit of the month – Dmitry

Not only is Dmitry blessed with amazing hair but he dresses so bloody well everyday – he’s definitely a cool rider!

If they rest of us tried to rock a leather jacket people would ask if we were a T-Bird reject but when when Dmitry rocks it everyone says; who’s that guy!

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Handstand of the month – Coach Fergus 

We want you to celebrate your fitness by doing fun stuff so what’s more CrossFit than taking handstand pictures EVERYWHERE!This months winner is Coach Fergus who loves handstands!

It takes two seconds on instagram to see that CrossFitters love a good handstand pictures and this stunning view of Lake Ontario was too good to miss out on.

If you take a handstand picture just post it in the members group or tag @crossfituv on social media.

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CrossFit UV Swag
We are very close to launching a Lululemon shirt with our UV logo on it so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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